Support Us


If you would like to support Lakeside Christian School online, please send etransfers through the following email address:

Contact the school office for additional information.


Hot Dog and Pizza Lunches

LCS has one Hot Dog Friday and one Pizza Friday each month. Each family is put onto the combined list to help with these meals at school. The proceeds from these lunches go towards field trips.


Gift Cards

Gift card orders are place throughout the year.  Cards arrive at the school within ten days. Forms are available at the office.


Annual Winter Banquet

Our annual winter banquet is usually held on a Saturday night in February at a local church gym.  Through the PAC, parents help plan the entertainment, supper, and evening. All school families are expected to help in some capacity. It is usually our largest fundraiser of the school year.




Other Fundraisers

LCS families participate in a variety of fundraisers throughout the year.  Currently, fall fundraisers include Mom’s Pantry and poinsettia sales through a local florist shop.  In the spring, we often hold a garage sale on the town-wide garage sale weekend.