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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Are LCS teachers Christian?

A: Each LCS teacher and support staff must demonstrate a personal relationship with Jesus Christ and agree with the LCS Statement of Faith while employed at LCS.


Q: Is LCS associated with any other organizations?

A: LCS is a funded-independent Manitoba school that is a member of Manitoba Federation of Independent Schools (MFIS) and the Association of Christian Schools International (ACSI).


Q: Is there a cafeteria or are there options for school lunches?

A: There is not a cafeteria at LCS.  Twice a month, there are hot lunches available to purchase. Usually, on the second Friday of the month, there is a hot dog lunch.  On Chapel Fridays, our local grocery store makes pizzas for lunch.  Families are put onto a rotation to help with these lunches. The families are welcome to join their children for lunch on these days. 


Q: What do you do for Physical Education activities?

A: Our school has a very large property.  On our schoolyard, we have a baseball diamond, soccer field, basketball court, two play structures, a sliding hill, and much open space.  We have a multi-purpose room that is used for smaller gym activities. We also do a variety of activities in our community. Classes go to a local church once a week to use their gym, ice skate at the Shamrock Centre in the winter, and students take six weeks of swimming lessons in spring.


Q: What curriculum is taught at LCS?

A: LCS teaches the Manitoba curriculum with biblical integration from a Christian worldview.  All provincial assessments are required to be completed by the students, including the Grade 12 Provincial Math and ELA final exams.

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