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LCS follows the K-12 Manitoba Curriculum with the addition of biblical integration into all courses and a Bible curriculum for each grade.

Students graduate with a Grade 12 Manitoba Diploma.

High School Apprenticeship program is available for those who are interested and are in Grade 10 and up. This is a great opportunity for students to develop new skills towards a future career.

Our K-4 teachers use the UFLI Foundations program developed by the University of Florida Literacy Institute. The UFLI program:

 “follows a carefully developed scope and sequence designed to ensure that students systematically acquire each skill needed and learn to apply each skill with automatically and confidence. The program is designed to be used for core instruction in the primary grades or for intervention with struggling students in any grade”.

While we do not have a gymnasium, students are able to meet their curriculum requirements through a combination of on- and off-site physical activities. We are blessed to have access to a gym during the winter months through an agreement with Lakeview Community Church. In addition, our students enjoy activities within our local community such as skating, curling, tennis, bowling, billiards, and roller skating.

The LCS students and staff meet daily for assembly.  We also take time during the week to pray and sing together.  The middle years and high school students are encouraged to join a band to lead the school in music.

Our weekly K-12 Buddy Reading program pairs older students with younger ones to develop reading skills and encourage multi-generational friendships.

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